Charlie Sheen: 'Winning Tattoo,' Goddesses & Unemployment, Oh My!

Charlie Sheen is in the middle of a tsunami of publicity over his job loss and his antics. He is cracking jokes about "winning" and "tiger blood." He is also making savvy use of  social media to maintain his fan base.

He obtained over a million followers on Twitter in about a day. Sheen thinks he's a winner; however not everyone agrees with him. What does it say about the USA when Sheen is able to attract so much attention on a daily basis?

Sheen had a role on "Two and a Half Men" that paid him almost $2 million an episode. He had the golden life of Hollywood and it is in flames now. His hard partying ways have caught up with him as Warner Bros. got tired of the bad publicity. He's suing them now for the loss of his job. Yet Sheen just got the tattoo "winning" at his inside wrist. Is he a winner or will time tell a different tale about his life?

"Winning" Tattoo
Sheen is now showing off his tattoo that says "winning" while doing television interviews. Using the word "winning" to describe himself on Twitter may be meant as irony; however, that is doubtful. More likely it is bragging as he thinks he's all that despite being unemployed and having five children to support. Or perhaps it is a reference to his feud with his former employer and boss.

The print on the "winning" tattoo on Sheen's wrist faces in the direction that makes it easy for others to read it. So it seems this is not a ploy to remind Charlie that he is a winner, but rather to show anyone who spots him that the word "winner" is his new slogan. Sheen has also set up a line of merchandise to profit off all of the publicity his life and his phrases like "winning" and "tiger blood" are getting, notes Radar Online. The "winning" t-shirt will probably sell millions.

Sheen's marriages have all imploded. It seems now he has moved on to a more alternative lifestyle. He's gloating all over the television shows about his "goddesses." Why would someone with young kids

be gloating about his debauchery? He's certainly going to have a hard time getting any custody of the kids with his antics recently.

To Haiti for Good Deeds
Sean Penn is bringing Sheen to Haiti to join in on the good deeds he has been doing to help the people there. Some time out of the media frenzy of Los Angeles will probably do Charlie some good. Maybe seeing the desperation that still exists for too many people in Haiti will enable Sheen to develop an understanding of the struggles in this world.

Sheen's antics seem very much over the top. Why is a grown man with children in the news gloating about his goddesses? What kind of role model is that for his kids? Debauchery may be in style in Hollywood. However, a parent needs to step back from all that and ensure that he's a stable influence in the lives of his kids.

Is Charlie Sheen worthy of all the attention and the huge salary he used to have? Opinions are very varied on those topics. Since Sheen raised a ruckus at the Plaza Hotel while there with his ex-wife and several daughters, some people no longer want to hear anything at all about him. Others though are following him on Twitter and watching all of his television interviews.

To see a humorous look at Sheen's use of lingo that has gone viral go to Vanity Fair. One thing is for sure, Sheen knows how to catch the attention of the Internet loving younger generation with his catchy humorous phrases.