CIFF Trends Fashion Trends Autumn/Winter 2010-2011

CIFF Trends - Fashion Season Autumn/Winter 2010-2011


The Retro English style of this theme is evoked by muted tones, luminous
camel, greenish-blues, taupey-gray, rich burgundy. Add British cakes colors: cupcake pink, acid marmalade, electric anise, milky blueberry.

Noble materials and traditional men’s wardrobe codes ( jacket for example) are feminised : recolored tweeds, marled wools, Prince of Wales knittings etc.

A certain form of opulence is favored with an ornamental style ( jewellery),
tapestry style (exuberant motifs) , precious weaves (silk twill, lame voile).

Finally very basic “chino” cottons and raw denim.

Sumptuous colors with patinated velvet shades: violet, brick red, ochre, Prussian and faded blue. For bases, revolutionary inspiration with red and bronze alongside dark gray.

Reworked shabby baroque mood: 18th century upholstery, tapestry and
brocade motifs are enlarged, recolored and covered in lines and stains. Parade mood illustrated by tone-on-tone crests and braids or old gold embroideries.

Circus stars style and polka dot motifs, colourful club stripes… a delirious
register: lively jacquards, tartan plaids with tie prints and reworked paisleys.

Neo-military style, baggy chic spirit, Perfecto circus, barocco prints.