cool Biker Tattoos

Understanding Biker Tattoos

There was a time when biker tattoos were frowned upon. Anybody who owned a motorbike was regarded as a rebel and anti-social. This opinion began to change with the advent of famous celebrities like James Dean and Marlon Brandon all kitted out in their biker leathers and moody demeanors. It was the fairer sex who loved them and their fast bikes. Nowadays, bikers come from all walks of life. There are lawyers, carpenters, doctors, builders, nurses, dancers, teachers and many more who own bikes.

No longer do bikers hang out in gangs. Today, they form reputable clubs and go on breakfast runs to raise money for charity. However, one part of the biking culture that is loved by all bikers is that of tattooing. Many of these biker tattoos have been around for years and do come from a period when biking was as not as refined as it is today.

The kinds of designs that were chosen by bikers were to give a specific message. Biking was a macho world and so were the tattoos. Often a tattoo would be the emblem of the gang or club. Biker tattoos were designs of fierce animals with fangs or evil looking snakes. It was common to see skulls and daggers dripping with blood. Bikers took great pride in their tattoos and used only the best tattooists. This pride has lasted up until today. Tattoos are still part of the biker culture and bikers still make use of the best designs and the best body artists.

Biker tattoos need not conform to any specific theme as long as the design is strong and powerful. There are still bikers who regard biking as a lifestyle. They dress a certain way and tattoo their skin a certain way. They congregate in specific areas and venues and are perhaps more dedicated to this lifestyle than the breakfast run crowd. What they all have in common is their love for bikes and tattoos.
It is highly likely that bikers who admire a certain bike stick together. One of the most famous makes is probably the Harley Davidson. This is a brand name that has its very own varieties of tattoos. You will see these tattoos on the forearm, biceps and or torso. These tattoos are big and bold. It is not recommended that individuals who are not bikers get these tattoos. To do this would be regarded as disrespecting the biker lifestyle as being authentic. There are still people who believe bikers get their tattoos from second rate tattooists in the backstreets. This is untrue. Bikers go to the best tattoo salons and parlors to get their skin inked.

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