Cool Lizard Tattoos

Background and Choice of Lizard Tattoos

There are a number of different lizards that are used as lizard tattoos. These creatures make good designs because they come in so many different shapes. Some are even rather cute like the Gecko. The Gecko is very popular choice for women. They are sweet little creatures that look perfect in small designs. Small designs are good for the ankle, wrist, and neck and above the cleavage. Gecko lizard tattoos also look good in one or many colors.

Men tend to go for larger lizard tattoos. A good example of the larger design is that of the Iguana. In real life these lizards are fierce looking reptiles and they can grow as big as six feet long. They are colorful creatures and this is another reason for their popularity. Iguana lizards like the Geckos are native to South Africa and Central America.

 Most people who want to be inked are very particular about the design and the meaning behind the tattoo. Lizard tattoos also have a deep symbolism. For example in Native American culture the lizard is an important symbol in dreams. To a Native American an individual with a tattoo of a lizard would be viewed as one who interprets dreams or is a dreamer. Such an individual plays a very important role within Native American culture. In ancient Egyptian and also Greek cultures the lizard was seen to signify good luck and divine wisdom. In other cultures of the Mediterranean region lizards symbolized good family friends. People with lizard tattoos would be warmly welcomed. To the ancient Romans the lizard was a symbol of rebirth. This particular belief evolved from their belief that lizards were creatures that hibernated.

There are also individuals who decide on lizard tattoos just because they like them. Many keep iguanas or other lizards as pets. To find the best position for this tattoo it is best to speak to a tattooist before making up your mind. A fun and very effective way to place a tattoo is where a muscle contracts. This is done so that every time the muscle contracts it looks like the lizard is moving.

Lizard tattoos are very appealing because they are so varied and the tattooist can use any pattern as a decoration. This also means that the wearer can come up with a pattern that is unique to his or her tattoo. It`s very easy to find a design in the online gallery of TattooMeNow. You may want to download more than one design in order to come up with completely unique lizard tattoos. You can show them to your tattoo artist and ask him or her to use the designs to form a single unique design that is one of a kind. Many outgoing people are inking their skins. However, even the more timid personality doesn`t mind wearing a tiny gecko because it is a charming little animal. Those who want to make a bold statement can have an iguana down a leg or arm or down the back.