Dragons Tattoos – the favorites among tattoo getters

Dragons, the mysterious creatures from nowhere have ignited man’s imagination for centuries now. At some places they are treated as symbols of luck while at other places they are plain evil.
In fact even ancient man wasn’t left untouched by this mythical creature. Archaeologists have found carvings to the effect in ancient caves. It is no wonder that their fascination carries on to the present generations. Whether it is clothes, wall hangings and even tattoos, dragons have crossed every frontier possible. So much so that today dragon tattoos are one of the most requested tattoo designs in the world.
Their popularity has also led them to be a very common design seen around. If you still want to get a dragon tattoo, make sure you do some research and personalize the tattoo a bit so that your tattoo looks different from that of others’. By using different colors, numbers and shapes you can easily create a dragon which looks like no other.
Across the world, a dragon tattoo has different interpretations. Also the way it is drawn varies from place to place. It is therefore important that before you get your dragon tattoo, you know what it means in your part of the world and that it falls in line with your idea of what it should symbolize.
One of the most common interpretations of the dragon is that of being a creature of power and absolute dominance over all others. In China and Japan they are particularly worshipped. In Japan they have been a representation of the emperors for centuries now. While in China they are symbols of luck and fortune. In these countries the dragons will be mostly seen happy and cheerful.
That is one side of the globe; in the western world dragons have a completely different association. Here they are connected with negative energy and hence are seen spewing fire and carrying wicked looks. However people who get these tattoos are never looking at the good or bad aspects of the dragon. All they have in consideration is the power and majestic nature of the dragon.
Now, even as you zero in on your ideal dragon tattoo, you should have in mind the body part you will get it on. This will help you to fine tune other details like shape and size of the design. A lot of people get a dragon on their entire back while others get it on the entire arm. However, huge tattoos are not everybody’s cup of tea.
A medium dragon looks the best of the lot and, if you are considering a small tattoo a better choice would be to go for a butterfly, or a fish or a fairy. Upper arms with the dragon’s head resting on the shoulder or the chest is another good location for a dragon tattoo.
Dragon tattoos are immensely popular and even the Internet has something called as cookie cutter tattoo designs to meet this popularity. However, it is not advisable to use any of those designs and instead you should get a customized design from a tattoo gallery with a membership.
The most important step is of course to use the services of a good and well known tattoo artist. Always remember that it is the colors and the details that make all the difference in the tattoo-world.