Dye Dark Hair Blonde

Dye Dark Hair Blonde

Blonde look is definitely not dumb, in fact, it is synonymous with sexy, sassy look. Look at the sultry divas like Marilyn Monroe, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson, all of whom flaunt great blonde hair. However, if you naturally have dark black or brunette hair, you must have hesitated to go complete blonde, which actually is pretty wise. Most hair experts recommend you to color your hair within 3 shades of your natural hair color. Following this notion you would never be able to go blonde, if you have dark hair. Light brown or red is the maximum you can reach with your dark mop. However, if you wisely dye dark hair blonde, then you might be able to achieve the desired shade of blonde. Also read about hair coloring ideas.

How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde

When you think of going blonde, the first option that you should have thought about is pick up the 'dye your hair blonde' kit available in supermarket and then attempt to dye your hair blonde yourself. This is definitely an option, only if you want disastrous results. If you use these kits for dyeing your dark hair blonde, then the end result will be cheap, brassy orange color, which is a far cry from the platinum blonde hair that you desired for. Thus, dyeing your hair blonde is definitely not a do it yourself job that you should attempt at home with the help of commercially available kits. You can seek a professional help to get the job done or you may try bleaching your hair, if you have no choice but to do it yourself. Also read hair coloring ideas for dark hair.

How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde Using a Bleach

Liquid hair peroxide and hair bleach powder are the two essentials that you will require if you want to bleach your hair at home. Peroxide is available in varying strength ranging from 10 to 40. For best results, we recommend peroxide 40. Mix equal proportions of peroxide and bleaching powder, depending upon the length and thickness of your hair. Always use a plastic or paper container, which does not react with the ingredients. Put on your gloves and start applying the paste on your hair. Start working from ends towards the scalp. The reason is, the warmth of the scalp encourages the peroxide to work faster, thus if you want an even shade of blonde it is best to work from ends to scalp. You may have to leave the bleach on your hair for 10 minutes to half an hour depending upon the natural color of your hair. The bleaching process is gradual as the hair changes from dark brown to light brown to red to orange and then finally blonde. If you have jet black hair then one session of bleaching may not be enough to color your hair blonde. Thus, you may have to repeat the procedure after 36 hours to achieve desired results. More on how to bleach hair blonde.

How to Dye Dark Hair Blonde without Bleach

Bleaching may not be a preferred option always, as it tends to leave your hair dry and listless. Another option is to buy the kit of hair dye and developer, which is easily available in the market. However, instead of covering your full head with the hair dye, concentrate on highlighting a few strands of hair at a time. This is a long process as you may have to go on coloring few highlights every week. Nonetheless, this is a safe process, as you may not have to worry too much if the job goes wrong. Moreover, it gives ample time to you and others around you to get familiar with your new look. Thus, this is the best way to dye dark hair blonde. Also read black hair with blonde highlights.

Dyeing your hair platinum blonde can be pretty daring job, especially if you have very dark hair. Thus, make sure if this new look will suit your skin tone and features or not. Else, always stick to 3 shades light or dark from your natural hair color. You are less likely to go wrong here.