Hot Henna Tattoos

Henna tattoos are fun to have. They are only temporary; you can erase them if the fancy have died down. You can also play around with millions of henna tattoo designs. Having henna tattoos are cheap as well compared to real tattoos and the best part is: there is no pain involved when you have them on your skin

Henna tattoos originated from South Asia particularly in India. They are also known as Mehndi. The pigment is derived from the henna plant Lawsonia enermis which is an active dye that binds to the skin, nails and hair. Henna tattoo designs are often associated with religion, spirituality and are used during special ceremonies like weddings or festivities before the war to ask for divine protection.
You can definitely play around your chosen tatto designs. You can have simple or elaborate designs depending on your preferences. And since they are only temporary, you can have different designs from time to time if you want to.Henna tattoo designs became trendy over the years, thanks to Madonna who had used Indian henna tattoo designs as a back drop on one of her albums highlighting the Indian culture and spirituality. Though she has been labeled blasphemous and she has desecrated the religious aspect and spirituality of the symbols or designs she used, it did not stop people from buying her albums and imitating her.

The most common designs include Arabic and Indian patterns commonly placed on the back of the hand or feet. Indian designs usually involve intricate patterns of lotuses, teardrops, flowers, webs andother paisley patterns. Indian patterns also usually involve fine, well drawn lines and often carry religious and spiritual messages.
Arabic designs on the other hand are often inspired by the passages of the Koran, patterns on Arabic textile and carvings and flowers. They come in different sizes as well depending on the location of the tattoo designs for them to stand out and highlight its features and details.

Aside form these, you can have henna tattoojust for the fun of it. You can have whatever tattoo designs you wish. You can also have henna tattoo designs on your body, your back or in your arms to highlight your outfit or to make a statement. Tattoo designs also bring artistic expressions of people who have them and tattoo artists as well.