Hottest Hollywood Hairstyles

This hairstyle, worn by Jessica Alba, is perfect choice for straight or wavy hair that is at least shoulder-length. You should not try this style if you have a prominent forehead, a narrow face or very curly hair.

Center Part with Waves
This is another hot Hollywood’s hairstyle worn by Beyonce. It is perfect for straight or wavy hair that hangs well below the chin. You will not have good results if your hair is thinning or fine.
Wispy Bangs
It is worn by Reese Witherspoon. Women with straight hair that has a fine texture can try this hairstyle. It is also good for wavier, thicker hair. Women with petite features, a small forehead and tightly wound curls should avoid this hairstyle.
Big, Bouncy Curls
Gwen Stefani has worn this style. It is perfect for shoulder-length or slightly longer hair. It is not good for baby-fine texture or is super long.
Posh Ponytail
It is worn by Jacinda Barrett. This style is good for shoulder-length or longer hair. Do not try it if you have very round or square face