Oily Hair Care - Home Remedy for Oily Hair

Oily or Greasy hair looks lank and oily and needs frequent washing. Oily hair can be due to a hormonal imbalance; a diet too hygiene fatty foods; washing too often; or sometimes because the scalp has larger oil glands than normal.

Oily Hair Causes

  • Overproduction of sebum as a result of hormone disturbances
  • stress
  • hot, humid atmosphere
  • excessive brushing
  • constantly running hands through the hair
  • perspiration
  • diet rich in saturated fat
The hair becomes oily, sticky and unmanageable in just a few days or sometimes within hours.

Home Remedy for Oily Hair

Whether or not you have used any hair products for your hair you must be aware of various home remedies options that are available to help you fix this problem. Below are given some such remedy for treating oily hair type:
Use a gentle, non aggressive shampoo that also gives the hair volume. A light perm will lift the hair at the roots and limit the dispersal of sebum.
Rethink of your diet - reduce dairy fats and greasy foods. Try to eat plenty of fresh food and drink six to eight glasses of water every day.
An excellent remedy for oily hair - Make an infusion by boiling some mint in one glass of water for 15 minutes and then strain the solution and add it to a 300 ml bottle of shampoo and mix.
Another good home remedy is to mix a tablespoon of malt vinegar in a glass of water and add a pinch of salt. Then put two tablespoons on your scalp and massage it with your fingertips. Repeat this two times a week will help reduce the oil on your scalp.

How to treat Oily Hair

Change to a healthy diet and try to reduce over-stimulating the scalp by washing hair less often. Use an oil-free shampoo every three days and avoid over-brushing or combing.