Shoulder tattoo design

There are several variations for shoulder tattoos. Most men choose to extend it to their arm and transform it to either full sleeve or half sleeve tats while some considered it as part of their back tattoos. Popular designs like tribal, dragon, skull, Celtic art and dragon can be seen inked on men’s shoulder mostly to show their masculine side. Women, on the other hand, seem to like the shoulder blade because it adds a bit of spice to a sexy area, but is not visible from the front on most instances. They use this spot for images like flowers, text, stars and butterfly. With the shoulder often hidden, a lot of tat enthusiast are even more adventurous and elaborate with this area.
When choosing shoulder tattoo designs, careful planning should be done so as not to waste this canvas as it has great potential for amazing body art. The biggest positive about this tat is that the contours of the shoulder lent themselves to some truly stunning tattoos as designs can be inked to symmetrically adjust to this shape . Another advantage of shoulder tats is their longetivity as they are covered most of the time so they are not prone to sun’s exposure which is the notorious fader of tattoo ink. Its also a very friendly canvas for artist’s needles being a flat and accessible body area making it easier during the tattooing process. With all these positive attributes mentioned, there is no reason for one not to aim for that perfect shoulder tattoo designs,