Spine Tattoos

About Spine Tattoos

Tattoo enthusiasts always seem to want spine tattoos. This is quite understandable because a tattoo that runs down the back along the spine is very effective. It is also an area of the body that allows the tattooist to be extremely artistic. Almost any kind of design can be taken down this portion of skin. In fact, tattooists are always really happy to be given the opportunity to adorn the back in this special way.

There are magnificent spine tattoos that are colorful, intricate and eye catching. A good example would be a snake tattoo that follows the spin and wraps around the hips. This is a design that is worn by a woman with great effect. In fact, this is the kind of design that is highly regarded because it suits the shape of a woman`s body. Many women cleverly choose this kind of design because it draws attention to their natural curves and also has an erotic effect.

Of course, a tattoo on the back or down the spine need not be erotic. There are many women who choose designs for their femininity. Such a tattoo could be clusters of beautiful flowers in full bloom or climbing ivy that the tattooist places strategically along the spine. Some individuals admire spine tattoos but they don`t want a great deal of color. If they choose a tribal design in a single color it can still be cursive and intricate without being too busy. Very often the same tattoo is repeated all the way down.

Tribal patterns are suitable for both men and women. Almost any design that can be repeated can be used for this portion of skin. Both men and women make use of paw prints. Women may opt for cat paws while men choose paw prints with claws. The main reason individuals choose to have the spine tattooed is for effect. This is an area that can`t be seen by the wearer so it is mainly for the viewer. It is well recognized that a woman in a low backed dress with a stunning tattoo down the spine is instantly more alluring. A man with a design down the spine area draws attention to a well toned physique and especially muscled shoulders and narrow hips.

If you decide to get the whole of your spine or most of it tattooed at one time then you must know how to take care of it. It is important to remember that once you are tattooed it becomes a part of your body. Think of your tattoo as an investment in the adornment of your skin. One way of ensuring your tattoo remains fresh, bright and sharp is not to get too much sun. If you want all the right information about flash tattoos and how to download as well as other important tattoo advice then consider becoming a member of a reputable site such as TattooMeNow. This is a site that deals with first time tattoos and well inked individuals. The aim is to give advice and give a well stocked gallery of designs to choose from.