Toe Shoes

Toe Shoes

Toe shoes are a rage amongst runners and trekkers. These shoes are quite different from the usual shoes as they have distinct toes and not a capped off look, unlike other shoes. This is the reason why they are also called as five finger shoes. There are many advantages of toe shoes over other running shoes. The most important one includes the feel of running barefoot without inflicting any damage to your feet. Let us understand into detail the myriad benefits of toe shoes.

Toe Shoes Benefits

Toe shoes have a separate toe space for each toe. They also have a thin sole which enhances the sense of touch while running. Toe shoes are particularly helpful for rapid muscle building in the leg region. You also improve your agility, balance by wearing these shoes while running and jogging. This can indeed help you to run faster and for a longer duration. Most people prefer to wear toe shoes to impart strength to the muscles in feet and leg. Besides running, toe shoes can also be worn while trekking, water sports or even a casual walk down the park. Another advantage of wearing toe shoes for running is that their extremely lightweight sole does not weigh you down. Hence, you can run without feeling tired. Also, the breathable nylon upper keeps your feet from getting wet due to sweat while performing rigorous exercises. All these benefits can add to your performance while running or working out. Also read on walking shoes vs running shoes.

How to Find a Right Sized Toe Shoes

Finding right sized toe shoes can be one difficult task for you, as toe shoes do not follow standard US shoe measurements. The different shoe sizes are expressed in inches. Hence, you will actually have to measure your foot size before buying toe shoes. To find out the correct size of your shoes, place a sheet of paper perpendicular to the wall. Now stand on this paper with your heels touching the wall. Stand as straight as possible and keep your heels at the same level. Ask someone to make a mark from the heel to the tip of your longest toe (this need not be your big toe always). Measure the distance between the heel and toe to get accurate measurement. You may also take this paper of markings along with you while shopping for toe shoes. The salesperson should be able to provide you with correct shoe size. Conversion charts are also available which convert the inches into the corresponding shoe size for the particular manufacturer.

How to Care for Your Toe Shoes

Toe shoes are extremely easy to care for as you simply need to wash them. You can step inside a shower by wearing your toe shoes and then apply some shower gel to get rid of the odor. Alternatively, you may also put them in washing machine and run it. However, it is recommended that you dry them by hanging from a clothesline only. Putting them in a dryer isn't a bright idea.

Vibram is by far the most leading toe shoe manufacturer. It has got pretty high rating on all toe shoes reviews sites. Vibram toe shoes price is around USD 80. You can order toe shoes from the company's website or from some online shopping sites. Some retail stores may stock them, though they are rare to come in the exact size you are looking for.

Toe shoes are perfect for you if you are an athlete or a sportsperson. They can give you a comfort that you never experienced before.