UFC Live 3: Diego Sanchez Vs. Martin Kampmann

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Sanchez has announced that he will henceforth be known as "The Dream" as opposed to "The Nightmare;" Kampmann says he'll put him to sleep so he can dream all he wants. Sanchez's last bout saw him earn a rejuvenating win over Paulo Thiago while Kampmann hasn't fought since suffering a disappointing split-decision loss to Jake Shields; both of them last appeared in action at UFC 121: Lesnar vs. Velasquez.

Round 1: Kampmann lands with a few jabs early. Again, Sanchez fires back with hooks. Good straight right lands for Kampmann and Sanches shoots for the takedown. Kampmann fights it off and lands a nice right hook to a knee against the cage. Kampmann lands another straight right that drops Diego. he locks up a front headlock and lands a nice knee. Sanchez goes for another takedown and Kampmann stuff it. Another nice jab from Kampmann worsens the bleeding from Sanchez's face. Kampmann nails Sanchez with another knee and Sanchez fails on another takedown. Sanchez much bigger than he usually is and seems to have sacrificed some of his speed for the size gain. Kampmann picking him apart and avoiding his takedowns. Kampmann landing mostly at will. Kampmann drawing more blood by the minute with nice, stiff jabs. Sanchez drives for another takedown and Kampmann fights it off on the cage, barely missing a knee. A left lands for Sanchez. Kampmann with a nice straight right, Sanchez may have a broken nose.

FightLine.com scores the round 10-9 for Kampmann

Round 2: Sanchez looks battered and Kampmann looks none the worse for the wear. Kampmann avoids another takedown. Sanchez relentless with the takedown attempts early and lands a nice knee and elbow before Kampmann shucks him off. Sanchez tries to fire off with a combination but it is avoided. Kampmann sticks him with another jab. He whiffs on a high kick. Sanchez lands a left before going for the takedown and it looks to have cut Kampmann, but he still avoids the takedown without much difficulty. Sanchez is going to town on Kampmann against the cage now and Kampmann is bleeding much more now, though he circles off and avoids getting too hurt. He shrugs off another takedown. Sanchez misses on a high kick. Sanchez more aggressive as the round is winding down, the cut is clearly bothering Kampmann. Kampmann stops Sanchez's forward momentum with a nice right. He avoids another takedown and lands a nice knee. They go to town against the cage with Sanchez getting the better of it.

FightLine.com scores the round 10-9 for Sanchez

Round 3: Kampmann lands a nice combination first. Sanchez lands a right hook, and again. Kampmann avoids another takedown and lands a knee. Sanchez pushes forward and Kampmann tags him up on his way in. Kampmann easily avoids another takedown and he sticks a kick to the thigh of Sanchez. Sanchez lands a nice combination and finally gets the takedown, landing in side control. Kampmann gets back to his feet as Sanchez tries to take his back. Sanchez with a nice uppercut-hook combination. Kampmann landsa nice right but Sanchez pushes forward regardless. Kampmann with a nice knee. Sanchez now bleeding profusely from under his left eye after Kampmann lands a nice right that looks to have injured his hand. Sanchez is all over him against the cage. Sanchez looks to have been put through a meat grinder but he's coming on stronger here at the end.

The two embrace after the bell.

FightLine.com scores the round 10-9 for Sanchez

Great, close fight.

Diego Sanchez defeated Martin Kampmann via unanimous decision(29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

The crowd boos the decision. Sanchez's face looks absolutely gruesome. Sanchez thanks Louisville and dedicates the win to his son. Kampmann says he thinks he won the fight and that he also thinks he broke his hand.

Source: fightline.com