Charlie Sheen to Release His OWN Winning Line of Merch!

It looks like Charlie Sheen is tired of other people making money from his tiger blood and Adonis DNA. There has been a cottage industry of people creating Charlie Sheen merchandise, with T-shirt topping the list (that means you Live the Sheen Dream!). There are dozens and dozens of styles from using Charlie’s manic mug to one that just are emblazoned with the word Winning. But now Charlie Sheen is looking to cash in on his own craziness…again.

It’s being reported by RadarOnline that Charlie Sheen will start doing his own “Official” T-shirt and merch.  One of his “hot ticket items” will she his own version of the “winning” t plus other crowd favorite Charlie Sheen quotes. And he has such confidence in his plan that he supposedly put in an order for 50,000 shirts.
Would you ever support his insanity and buy an “official” shirt.