Charlie Sheen’s horsing around makes him an online winner

Forget Charlie’s Angels. Interested porn stars now have the chance to be one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses.
The train-wreck actor announced via Twitter early yesterday that one of his so-called goddesses, Rachel Oberlin, dumped him.
“Update: Sober Valley Lodge; Rachel has left the building . . . We’re sad . . . Over it . . . Applications now being accepted! #winner,” the unemployed star of “Two and a Half Men” tweeted shortly after midnight yesterday.
However, the opening was short-lived, TMZ reported, and Olson returned to the self-declared warlock’s pad.

Students at George Washington University, West Chester University and the University of Georgia seem to think that Sheen would be a winning commencement speaker, with student campaigns popping up on Facebook to bring Sheen and his tiger blood banter to their graduations, the Huffington Post reported.
It has been a whirlwind two weeks for Sheen. He lost custody of his twin sons, his publicist resigned and his hit TV show was canceled for the season after Sheen’s repeated rants about the show’s creator later led to charges of anti-Semitism and a delayed and defensive response to those charges.
“My mom is Jewish. Here’s where it gets confusing — we don’t know who her father was,” he told “Access Hollywood Live.” Huh?
On the bright side, Sheen set the Guinness World Record for being the quickest microblogger to amass a million followers.
According to the social-media analyst, more than 380,000 tweets in the first 48 hours his account was live have included the words “Charlie Sheen.” By its measurement, positive sentiment for Sheen has in recent days more than tripled negative sentiment for the actor.
Last night, he hosted a live Internet radio show.
Up next for Sheen: He claims to be jetting to earthquake-ravaged Haiti to join forces with his pal Sean Penn.
“We’re going to do a couple things first, and then it looks like we’re heading down,” he said. “I’m excited as hell because, you know, if I can bring the attention of the world down there, then clearly this tsunami keeps cresting.”