Is the McLobster coming to a Cleveland McDonalds near you?

Rumors are flying that McDonalds has launched a brand new product.
Chunks of 100% lobster meat (we hope) on a hot dog bun with lobster roll sauce (looks like a combination of tartar sauce and salad dressing) with some lettuce and diced celery for texture will make up this summer taste sensation.
I have been lucky enough to spend some time on Cape Cod during the summer months and know a real lobster roll costs much more than what you will find at your local McDonalds.
I contacted McDonalds via email requesting additional information about the menu item with no luck.  According to McDonalds Twitter page (@mcdonalds) the company has no plans to bring the McLobster to the US menu nationwide.
The McLobster is currently available only in Eastern Canada and parts of Maine.