Whale Tattoo

Whale Tattoo Designs - Strange indescribable and terrifying monster, the whale is the largest mammal of the earth. Ninety various species of whales, from dolphins with sperm whales have appeared in myths, legends, and folk stories around the world. In biblical mythology, as in the Old Testament story of Jonah, the whale is a symbol of divine retribution - and ally of the Lord - swallow the unfortunate man. Three days in the belly of a whale, however, inspired Jonah to repent, then God's grace she miraculously won and throw out. Thus was the pope who connected with rebirth and resurrection. Islamic folklore legend confirms this, and therefore, Jonah recognizes the pope as one of ten animals only admitted to heaven.
whale A tattoo can take many meanings, but the whale tattoo designs, like the creature's large size, usually symbolizes the virtues and spiritual beliefs of the same depth and dimension. In other words, big animals, big ideas.