Yantra Tattoo Designs

Yantra Tattoo Designs - For Hindus, a yantra is a geometrical diagram that represents the universe. Hindus believe that yantras can put us in touch with higher entities, which can be of great help on the spiritual path. If you're considering a yantra tattoo, take the time to delve deeper into their meanings and place in the Hindu religion, learn about what they represent, and a specific yantras place in Hindu worship and meditation.
Yantra is a Sanskrit word comprised of yam (to hold the essence), and tra (instrument).
    Yantra, mantra, tantra - it is important to understand the meaning of each. A mantra is a set of sacred syllables, which, when spoken with reverence may invoke a particular deity. Tantra is the systematic use of the body and mind - lower energies - to attain a higher function; 'from sex to superconsciousness'. And a yantra is the use of a symbol, or some kind of external object, as a tool for contemplation, concentration or meditation. In fact, any practice that is ritualistic or symbolic is part of the yantric approach.
The yantra tattoo is properly regarded - not as a superstition to ward off some specific evil - but as a form of worship to integrate body, mind, and spirit in aid of encouraging the process of human evolution.

The tattoo on Angelina Jolie's left shoulder is reported to be a yantra tattoo.