How to Color Your Own Hair

Why spend money getting your hair darkened or lightened when you can do it yourself? If you color your own hair at home, use these tips.
- At-home hair coloring is for men and women who just want to go two shades lighter or darker or to cover gray. Complicated procedures should be handled by a professional hairdresser.
- Never go more than two shades darker or lighter.
- Don’t choose by the picture on the box. These pictures can be misleading. Select by the color swatches on the box and the descriptions.
- Always test a few strands of hair first. This way you will not end up with a color you don’t like.
- As a protective measure, rub Vaseline around your hairline before applying color. Always wear gloves and wrap a towel around your shoulders.
- Wash your hair a day before – not the day of – coloring.
- After you color, wait 24 hours before washing hair.